Technical Services – Overview


The purpose of the Technical Support Services Unit at iThemba LABS is to provide a sustainable, reliable and affordable engineering and infrastructure support service for our multi-disciplinary groups and our user base.


To provide an efficient and reliable technical support service as required by our wide user-base.


To develop and enhance the necessary skills required to develop, operate and maintain the existing support infrastructure efficiently.


§ To operate and maintain all electrical and mechanical equipment according to design specifications and standards.
§ To develop new systems using the latest available technology.
§ To provide essential engineering and building infrastructure maintenance support to our internal groups.
§ To provide an environment conducive to the effective training of students and learners and to enhance the skills of all engineering staff through presentations of informal courses, external site visits and training at external institutions.
§ To develop the LAB into a safe working environment, free of hazards and risks.

The Group is divided into the following operating divisions:

Electrical Distribution Division
Mechanical Engineering Division (Design Office and Workshop)
Site Services (Building- and Ground Maintenance) sections


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