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Tandetron Laboratory – Research & Development

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Diffusion and Kinetic Studies

  • Diffusion kinetics and phase diagram studies via femtosecond laser.
  • Diffusion studies in nuclear materials, hydrogen storage materials and silicides nuclear materials

Irradiation Effects

  • Irradiation/implantation (Ion beam modification of materials).
  • Lithography using proton beam writing.

Fundamental Studies with Ion Beam Analysis Techniques

  • Interaction and slowing-down of energetic ions in solids (Measurement of fundamental parameters such as stoppingforce in various targets).

Biological And Environmental Studies

  • Indigenous African Medicinal Plants
  • Nuclear Techniques in Environmental Toxicology

Nanosciences And Nanotechnology

  • Synthesis and characterization of nano-materials for various advanced applications.
Research, modification and characterization of materials using low energy ion beams, and other instrumental techniques for science innovation and technology