TAMS Department – Technical Machining Workshop


“The machines can’t run if the bits don’t fit!”

The plans for the machining workshop upgrades run in parallel with the general refurbishments taking place at TAMS. This enables the delivery of quality precision-machined parts by highly-skilled machinists in a speedy and very cost-effective manner.

The associated drawing office has developed a format that provides clear and accurate machining information that readily leads to an excellent finished product … that fits!



Another vital task of the technical department is the maintenance of a clean and safe environment for employees, students and visitors in line with all safety standards. In keeping with NRF directives, the technical department has instituted an apprenticeship programme, in youngsters will be apprenticed to qualified and skilled journeymen, learning the art of machining and fitting precise-made parts to very specialised equipment. This excellent all-round training will benefit the future careers of those young people who are trained in the exacting environment of TAMS.

All of us here at TAMS continue in our quest for world-class service, and the upliftment of our young people to top international standards.


All inquiries should be addressed to:
The Group Head, TAMS, Private Bag 11, WITS 2050, South Africa.
E-mail: Dr Morgan Madhuku (madhuku@tlabs.ac.za), Tel: (+2711)3517000, Fax: (+2711)3