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TAMS Department – School Education Programme


Themba LABS (Gauteng) gets them while they are young!

As part of its social and educational outreach, iThemba LABS (Gauteng) supports a number of schools’ science education outreaches. There is a collaborative outreach with SciBono, in its Amasondosondo project, taking practical science demonstrations to a variety of schools throughout Gauteng Province. These outreaches supplement the science education given to youngsters at schools. The learners are taken through their science syllabus by stud-ent science teachers and dedicated professionals, and the effects on the participating learners are heartening.


All inquiries should be addressed to:
The Group Head, iThemba LABS (Gauteng), Private Bag 11, WITS 2050, South Africa.
E-mail: Dr. Simon Mullins, Tel: (+2711)3517000, Fax: (+27113