TAMS Department – Electronics Workshop


The electronics workshop is part of the shared technical infrastructure,It is primarily responsible for all electronic related design, development, repair and maintenance of facilities andexperimental set-ups.During the refurbishment phase, however, its personnel were mainly focusing on the upgrade of the 6MV Van de Graaff Tandem accelerator, particularly installations in the Electronics area.

The areas of interest would be related to the 6MV Van de Graaff Tandem Accelerator, Ion Implanter, and also laboratory equipment requiring upgrade and maintenance namely:

  • Prototype of data acquisition systems based on digital circuits, analog-to-digital conversion circuits, including printed circuit boards (PCB) design for TAMS.
  • Electronic modules design based on hardware and software with modern digital signal processors (DSP’s) and field programmable array gates (FPGA’s).

The vision of our laboratory for future expansion would be to widely promote electronic projects for those vacational students who are interested in other areas of electronics. There also could be a scope for Power Electronics project, namely power supplies design, digital signal processing and data acquisition.

The ideal candidates would specialize in power electronics control circuits design for DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC converters as applied in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and industrial drives systems.

All inquiries should be addressed to:
The Group Head, TAMS, Private Bag 11, WITS 2050, South Africa.
E-mail: Dr Morgan Madhuku (madhuku@tlabs.ac.za), Tel: (+2711)3517000, Fax: (+2711)3517053