TAMS Department – About Us


The vision of TAMS is to be a leading primary centre of research, training and service expertise in accelerator based sciences and technologies to advance science in South Africa and beyond in a safe and qualitative manner.



The mission of TAMS is to provide advanced, viable, multidisciplinary facilities for research, training and services in the fields of nuclear related sciences for the pride and benefit of all the people of South Africa and rest of the continent, of which we are an integral part.


Institutional Review of TAMS

TAMS corporate core missions and cross-cutting strategic priorities


All inquiries should be addressed to:
The Group Head, TAMS, Private Bag 11, WITS 2050, South Africa.
E-mail: Dr Morgan Madhuku (madhuku@tlabs.ac.za), Tel: (+2711)3517000, Fax: (+2711)3517053