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TAMS – Infrastructure

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  1. EN Tandem Accelerator, with
    • 64-sample AMS ion source.
    • 860 single-sample sputter source.
    • ALPHATROSS ion source.
  2. AMS Low Energy Injection and High Energy Analysis Systems.
  3. AMS Carbon-14 sample preparation laboratory.
  4. AMS cosmogenic isotope sample preparation facilities.
  5. Oxford Scanning Microprobe for Particle-Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) and Rutherford Back-Scattering (RBS).
  6. Heavy Ion Elastic Recoil Detection (HI ERDA) set-up.
  7. Large scattering chamber for Total Ion Beam Analysis (TIBA).
  8. Low-energy nuclear-reaction set-up.
  9. Thermofisher Delta V Mass Spectrometer.
  10. Los Gatos Laser Water Isotope Analyser (LWIA).
  11. Two Perkin Elmer Liquid Scintillation Counters for tritium and Carbon-14 hydrology.
  12. Varian 350D/300XP ion implanter.
  13. Varian 200-20AF ion implanter.
  14. Broad Energy-Range High-Purity Germanium (BEGE) detector in lead castle.
  15. Mechanical Workshop.
  16. Electronics Workshop.