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Request for Services: Current design on building to be updated with the NRF LOGO, and Image of Fan to be removed and the iThemba Labs name repainted

Manufacture and Delivery of Edge Welded Metal Bellows Assemblies

Supply of Industrial Filters

Supply and Delivery of Honeywell, TraceSELECT, Water for Trace Analysis over a period of three years on AS and WHEN needed. (Similar or Equivalent)

Appointment of a service provider for ICP-MS analysis of gallium metal to determine the 69Ga/71Ga Isotope ratio over a period of three years

Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Biological Safety Cabinet

Supply and Delivery of Optical Silicone Grease for Optical Coupling of Photomultiplier Tube to the LaBr3:Ce Crystal

Appointment of a Service Provider to assist with environmental monitoring requirements by identifying the microorganisms present accurately to species level

Supply and delivery of 9 single point load cells

Supply and delivery of 3x Vacuum Cylinders

The Supply and Delivery of Personal Protective Clothing and Shoes for Food Service and Housekeeping Staff over a 24 month period

Appointment of a Service Provider to Render Basic Fire Fighting Training

Supply and delivery of components

Supply and delivery of Chemicals

A Request for quotation for onsite testing of Area Radiation Monitoring System (ARMS)

Supply and Installation of Carports

Appointment of a Main Contractor for the Construction of New Offices And Laboratories

The closing time for all the bids is 11:00 am.