Supply Chain – Bids

Provision of ad hoc housekeeping service over a period of 5 months (one person) – commencing 2 January 2021, ending 31 May 2021

The Supply and Delivery of vacuum cylinder for vacuum evaporation system at iThemba LABS, Cape Town
See National Treasury e-Tender Document

Service and Calibration of Single Channel Micropipettes for a period of 12 months

The Services of a Company to assist iThemba Labs with applications for Visa Extensions for 03 people with work and study permits

Supply and delivery of Vacuum Spares

Appointment of a service provider for the maintenance, rental, repair and servicing of the forklift for a period of three (3) years

Supply and testing of fibre optical splicing

Appointment of a Service Provider to Perform Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning of Gallium Target Capsules for a Period of 12 Months

Supply and delivery of 3.8 kilogram of carbon-fibre reinforced nylon for 3D printing

Procurement of Printed Circuit Boards for Resonant Capacitance Circuit of Beam Sweeper System

Manufacture, Supply and Delivery of Soft Ferrite Parts for the Assembly of a H-Type Magnet Core

Appointment of the Service Provider to Provide Maintenance Service on the 1056 Premium Flooded Lead-Acid BAE 25 OGi 2000 Battery Cells, Manufactured by BAE Batterien GmbH and currently installed at iThemba LABS Cape Town

Supply and Installation of Gas System at MedRad Laboratory

Supply and Delivery of 5 (five) X 4U Rackmount PC’s

Supply and Delivery of Freeze-Drying Stoppers

Appointment of a service provider for Temperature Calibration and Mapping of Equipment

Procurement of components for commercial equipment 2nd test station for the Witwatersrand University, Electrical Engineering Department, Johannesburg

Disposable Face Masks

Supply and Delivery of COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits

Appointment of a Service Provider to Render Journal Subscription Services


The closing time for all the bids is 11:00 am.