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Supply Chain – Bids

Appointment of Contractor for Demolition Work

Deep Cleaning and Sanitation Services for a Period of Three (3) Years

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Survey for a period of 5 years

Cisco Maintenance Support for a Period of twelve (12) Months

Supply and Delivery of Beckhoff Modular Products (Similar or Equivalent) for the SAIF Project

Supply and Delivery of Cabinets

The Appointment of a Service Provider/s to Supply and deliver Cleaning Chemicals and Consumables for a period of 12 Months

Supply and Delivery of Fresh Milk and Yoghurts as and when needed for a Period of 12 Months

The Supply and Delivery of Fresh Bakery Products (bread loaves, buns and rolls) for a Period of 12 Months

Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the existing commercial kitchen extraction/ ventilation system in accordance with the requirements specified in SANS1850:2014 for a period of 24 months

Supply and Delivery of Ceramic Isolators

Courier Company (Freight Forwarding Agent) to transport radioactive material (Radiopharmaceuticals) from iThemba LABS to its clients (Hospitals/Clinics) within South Africa and Namibia for a period of five (5) years

Supply and Delivery of Pharmaceutical Grade Reagent Kits

Laser welding of Rubidium Metal target 316 Stainless Steel capsules: 50 capsules per year for 5 (five) years

Supply and Delivery of Bipolar Direct Current (DC) Power Supply ±100A/±15V

Appointment of a Main Contractor for the Refurbishment of an Administration Office Block for a Period of Eight (8) Months

Supply and Delivery of Liquid, Hot-Curing Casting Resin System (Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent)

Appointment of a Service Provider to Render a Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Service to IThemba LABS for a Parcel Arriving from France

The Supply and delivery of Personal Protective Clothing and Shoes for Food Service Staff

The closing time for all the bids is 11:00 am.