Supply Chain – Bids

Supply and Delivery of O-18 Enriched Target Water with an O-18 Isotopic Concentration of ≥ 98.0 % to the Radionuclide Production Facility for a period of five (5) years

Appointment of a Service Provider to Render Occupational Health Care Services at iThemba LABS and Optional for Specific Service Requirements for Other Nrf National Facilities for a Period of Five (5) Years

E63SH – CS Mount Camera for use in Irradiation Vaults and Transporter System at Radionuclide Production

Appointment of a Service Provider for Testing and certification of lifting Equipment

Appointment of a contractor for the civil and electrical works for the relocation of a prefabricated building

Sourcing the Services of a Professional Construction Health & Safety Agent (PrCHSA) to ensure Health and Safety Compliance during the lifespan of the SAIF Project Construction phase at iThemba LABS Cape Town

Manufacture, Supply and Delivery of Soft Ferrite Parts for the Assembly of a H-Type Magnet Core

Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment (Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Hydrants) at iThemba LABS Gauteng for a period of 36 Months

Appointment of the Service Provider to Provide Maintenance Service on the 1056 Premium Flooded Lead-Acid BAE 25 OGi 2000 Battery Cells, Manufactured by BAE Batterien GmbH and currently installed at iThemba LABS Cape Town

Procurement of South African legislation subscription services

Appointment of a Service Provider for the Supply and Delivery of Precast Concrete Beams

Appointment of a Service Provider to facilitate a workshop on post-graduate student supervision, to be held online on Zoom on 8-9 December 2020

The closing time for all the bids is 11:00 am.