Successful Measurements with the Tape Station

2018 has seen two experiments run on the tape station, the PhD project of Lucky Makhathini. Long ago, the Nobel Prize winners Aage Bohr and Ben Mottelson solved the Schrodinger equation for the atomic nucleus. They predicted that the nucleus could vibrate in certain ways. But is this really true? Both experiments were trying to answer this question. The goal of Lucky’s experiment was to look for evidence that what we thought was a vibrating nucleus was really the nucleus changing into a rugby ball shape. The other experiment was proposed by a visitor from the University of Guelph, Canada, Professor Paul Garrett. Professor Garrett was delighted with the “fantastic results” which identified g-ray transitions in 98Ru – key to deciding whether or not 98Ru is a vibrator. The tape station is one of the first pieces of experimental apparatus to be developed for use in the LERIB project.

Picture: Professor Paul Garrett, Lucky Makhathini and Rob Bark posing in front of the tape station