Subatomic Physics – Vision

The vision of the Department of Subatomic Physics (DSP) is to maintain and expand the role of nuclear related physics research in South Africa by being a centre of expertise and innovation in the field and by improving the public perception of the value of basic and applied research in subatomic physics.

The mission of the department is to perform and facilitate world-class nuclear related physics research through in-house and collaborative (national and international) projects and to fully exploit all training opportunities that arise from this research effort.

The broad objectives of the Department are:

  1. to promote and produce world-class research in the field of basic nuclear science (hadron physics, nuclear reactions, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear structure) and applied nuclear science, and to disseminate the knowledge generated among the scientific community via peer-reviewed journals, international and national conferences, and colloquia.
  2. to actively contribute to the production of the next generation of nuclear scientists by effectively and safely training, and nurturing, graduates and post-graduates.
  3. to provide high quality (internationally benchmarked) metrology service in neutron and radiometric measurements to clients.