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Subatomic Physics – PhD Theses

Mr. M.B. LatifFine structure of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance in neutron-rich calcium isotopes using the (p,p') reaction at zero-degreesUniversity of the Witwatersrand2017
Ms. L DonaldsonFine structure of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance using the (p,p') reaction at 0 degrees: Effects of strong nuclear deformationUniversity of the Witwatersrand2016
Mr. A M LongAn indirect study of the astrophysical 34Ar(α,p)37K reaction and its influence on type-1 X-ray burst light curvesUniversity of Notre Dame (USA)2016
Mr. S N T MajolaExploring the spectroscopy of vibrational levels in the 160 mass regionUniversity of Cape Town2016
Mr. J NdayishimyeMultiple chiral bands in 193TlStellenbosch University2016
Ms. N B NdlovuElemental Analysis of Mosses and Lichens from the Western Cape (South Africa) using INAA and ICP-MSStellenbosch University2016
Mr. A ComrieA new compact neutron spectrometerUniversity of Cape Town2016
Mr. F NemulodiInvestigation of the 2+ Hoyle state candidates in 12CStellenbosch University2015
Mr. M van RooyAn investigation of a possible effect of reactor antineutrinos on the decay rate of 22NaStellenbosch University2015
Ms. S P BvumbiInvestigation of octupole correlations and collective couplings in the rare earth nucleus 150SmUniversity of Johannesburg2014
Mr. T S DinokoSearch for Low Spin Collective Structures in 158Er and 159ErUniversity of the Western Cape2014
Mr. M JingoFine structure of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonnce: A survey of the (p,p') reaction at 0 degreesUniversity of the Witwatersrand2014
Mr. B V KheswaImpact of the 138;139La Radiative Strength Functions and Nuclear Level Densities on the Galactic Production of 138LaStellenbosch University2014
Mr. O KurebaFine structure of Isoscalar Giant Quadrupole Resonance and 2+ level densities in spherical to deformed nuclei across the isotope chain 142, 144, 146, 148Nd using the (p,p) reactionUniversity of the Witwatersrand2014
Mr. J A SwartzSearch for low-spin states above the 5-α break-up threshold in 20NeStellenbosch University2014
Mr. C WalzThe two-photon decay of the 11/2- isomer of 137Ba and mixed-symmetry sates of 92,94Zr and 94MoDarmstadt Technical University (Germany)2014
Mr. C. VermeulenProduction of Radionuclides with Medium Energy Protons with the Emphasis on TargetryStellenbosch University2014
Mr. P L MasitengGamma spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in 194TlUniversity of the Western Cape2013
Mr. J P MiraThe role played by quasi-elastic and inelastic break-up of the 12C and 16O projectiles in the production of Intermediate Mass Fragments at 14-35 MeV/uStellenbosch University2013
Mr. J N OngoriIn-situ measurements and calculation of radon gas concentration and exhalation from a tailings mine dumpUniversity of the Western Cape2013
Mr. M A StankiewiczPhysics of Low and intermediate spin states of atomic nuclei in mass A~160 regionUniversity of Cape Town2013
Ms. T D SingoDevelopment of a High Flux Neutron Radiation Detection System for In-core Temperature MonitoringStellenbosch University2012
Mr. J.J. van ZylAnalyzing power angular distribution in the excitation of low-lying states in 56CoStellenbosch University2012
Mr. O ShirindaStudying chirality in A~100, 130 and 190 mass regionsUniversity of the Western Cape2011
Mr. S S NtshangaseDevelopment of a recoil detector and the study of asymmetric shapes in nucleiUniversity of Cape Town2011
Mr. J MabialaCross section and analyzing power distributions in the 12C(p,p*)8Be reaction at an incident energy of 100 MeVStellenbosch University2010
Mr. N A MlwiloRadiometric characterisation of vineyard soils, Western Cape, South AfricaUniversity of the Western Cape2010
Ms. B MouginotRecherche de la Vibration Géante de Paires & Mesure du temps de vie du premier état excité 2+ du 74Zn par méthode plungerUnivesite Paris Sud (France)2010
Mr. S A T AbdallaMeasurements and applications of radon in South African aquifer and river watersUniversity of the Western Cape2009
Ms. I T UsmanFragmentation of the Isoscalar Giant Quadrupole Resonance in low mass with A bigger or equal than 12 and smaller or equal to 40 nuclei and 2+ level density in 40Ca from high energy-resolution (p, p') scattering at 200 MeVUniversity of the Witwatersrand2009
Mr. J BezuidenhoutAlpha and helion emission induced by 130 MeV protons on 59Co and 93NbStellenbosch University2007
Mr. A MairaniNucleus-Nucleus Interaction Modelling and Applications in Ion Therapy Treatment PlanningUniversity of Pavia2007
Mr. M BenatarNucleon transfer from heavy-ion reactions using the AFRODITE gamma-ray spectrometerUniversity of Cape Town2006
Mr. M LantzInvestigations of Reaction Cross Sections for Protons and 3HeUniversity of Uppsala2005
Mr. A ShevchenkoFine structure of the isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance from high-resolution inelastic proton scattering experimentsUniversity of Darmstadt2005
Ms. E Z ButheleziNear-target and other heavy residues in the interaction of 12C and 16O with 130RhStellenbosch University2004
Mr. N M JacobsReaction cross sections for protons from 9Be to 208Pb between 80 and 200 MeVStellenbosch University2004
Mr. G K MabalaDipole bands in 195Bi and 197Bi nucleiUniversity of Cape Town2003
Mr. T StevensNuclear reaction mechanisms by stacked foil techniquesUniversity of the Witwatersrand2003
Mr. D RidikasOptimization of beam and target combinations for hybrid reactor systems and radioactive ion beam production by fissionUniversité de Caen2001
Mr. K SchwedaExcitation and decay of isoscalar giant resonances in the 48Ca(p,p’n) and 40Ca(p,p’a0) reactionsTechnical University of Darmstadt2001
Mr. S WyngaardtA Relativistic model of spin transfer observables for proton induced reactionsStellenbosch University2001
Mr. D RouxSignature splitting and non-axiality in the nuclei 164Ta and 165TaUniversity of Cape Town2001
Mr. R NevelingNuclear medium effects on analyzing power investigated with a proton knockout reactionStellenbosch University2001
Mr. G HillhouseNuclear reactions with polarized spin-1/2 beamsStellenbosch University1999
Mr. M S AllieThe differential cross section for n-p radiative capture from 20 to 200 MeVUniversity of Cape Town1998
Mr. D SteynCharge exchange reactions at intermediate energiesUniversity of Cape Town1998
Mr. S W SteynMulti-step direct reactions in nucleiStellenbosch University1998
Mr. V M TshivhaseCharge exchange reactions at intermediate energiesUniversity of Cape Town1998
Mr. G J ArendseNuclear distortion in the (p,2p) knockout reaction on 208Pb at an incident energy of 200 MeVStellenbosch University1997
Mr. R T NewmanSingle-proton transfer on 55MnUniversity of Cape Town1997