Subatomic Physics – Master’s Theses

Mr. R. BothaCharacterisation of natural radioactivity in Karoo Basin groundwater prior to shale gas explorationUniversity of the Western Cape2017
Ms. N G DindikaziSingle muon production as a function of charged-particle multiplicity in proton-proton collisions at 8 TeV with ALICE at the LHCUniversity of Zululand2017
Ms. S JongileCoupling of Single Neutron and Proton Configurations to Collective Core Excitations in 162Yb: the nucleus 161TmUniversity of Zululand2017
Ms. T P LamulaCross section measurements for neutron induced reactions on Bi target using quasi mono-energetic neutron beams of 90 and 140 MeVUniversity of Zululand2017
Mr. K F MaibaneValidation of gamma-ray spectrometry process used to determine the radionuclides and radioactivity levels in decorative granite countertopsUniversity of the Western Cape2017
Mr. N R MantenguRadiation Shielding Calculation using FLUKA transport code for Radioactive-ion Beam Facility at iThemba LABSUniversity of Zululand2017
Mr. B R ZikhaliSearching for the low-energy enhancement in 91ZrUniversity of Zululand2017
Mr. C P BritsSearch for the scissors resonance in 182TaStellenbosch University2016
Mr. V W IngebergThe Oslo Method in inverse Kinematics: Level density and gammaray strength function in 87KrUniversity of Oslo (Norway)2016
Mr. K L MalatjiNuclear Level Densities and Gamma-Ray Strength Functions in Ta isotopes and nucleo-synthesis of 180TaUniversity of the Western Cape2016
Mr. C MehlDeveloping a sorting code for coulomb excitation data analysisUniversity of the Western Cape2016
Ms. S. MhlangaThe study of the production of heavy flavour muons as a function of charged particle multiplicity in pp collisions at 8 TeV with ALICE at the LHCUniversity of Cape Town2016
Mr. L MsebiSearch for intermediate states ni rare earth nucleus 150SmUniversity of Johannesburg2016
Mr. G L ZimbaSearch for Octupole Deformation in Low Spin Structure of 154DyUniversity of Johannesburg2016
Mr. J W BrummerThe Design and Construction of an Active-Target Detector for the Study of the 20Ne(α,α’)20Ne* ReactionStellenbosch University2015
Mr. W L ErasmusFeasibility Study of the (α,α'γ) reaction at Theta_lab = 0 degree Using the K600 Magnetic SpectrometerStellenbosch University2015
Ms. A KamblaweThe development of a self-consistent description of nuclear clusteringStellenbosch University2015
Mr. K LiCharacterization of the pre-eminent 4-α cluster state candidate in 16OStellenbosch University2015
Mr. V MasondoComparison of neutron fluence spectra measured with NE213 proton recoil spectrometer and NE230 deuteron recoil spectrometerUniversity of the Western Cape2015
Mr. L MakhathiniDevelopment of a laser ionization test bench for radioactive ion beamUniversity of Zululand2014
Mr. A A MustafaStudy of single muon production as a function of multiplicity with ALICE at LHC energiesAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences2014
Mr. P W J Du ToitAnalysis of W± bosons with ALICE: Effect of alignment on W± bosons analysisUniversity of Pretoria2013
Mr. P I MashitaSearch for Tetrahedral Symmetry in the 158Yb Atomic NucleusUniversity of the Western Cape2013
Mr. K J SenosiProduction of W± bosons in the semi-muonic channel at forward rapidity in ALICEUniversity of Cape Town2013
Mr. S G DolleyDetermination of Cross Sections for 68Zn(p,x)64Cu: Radiochemical Aspects to Resolve a ProblemCape Peninsula University of Technology2012
Mr. J L EastonNew bands in 192Tl using gamma spectroscopy techniquesUniversity of the Western Cape2012
Ms. E KhaleelStudy of fusion evaporation channels in the 18O + 18O reactions at 65 MeVStellenbosch University2011
Mr. E MohamedTest of Fast Neutron Detectors for Spectroscopy with (3He,n) Two Proton Stripping ReactionsStellenbosch University2011
Mr. S H T MurrayAn investigation into the use of photovoltaic cells as fission fragment detectors for AFRODITEUniversity of Cape Town2011
Mr. J NdayishimiyeAlpha Cluster Structure and Scattering in 20Ne, 44Ti, 94Mo, 136Te and 212PoStellenbosch University2011
Mr. Z NgcoboRadiation shielding calculations using MCNPx transport code cost optimization of the material to be used at iThemba LABSUniversity of Zululand2011
Ms. B A S AdamMonte Carlo simulations of the iThemba LABS neutron beam facilityUniversity of Cape Town2010
Mr. S N T MajolaIn search of tetrahedral symmetry in 156DYUniversity of Cape Town2010
Mr. S MohlalisiImplementation of a Custom Muon High Level Trigger Monitoring SystemUniversity of Cape Town2010
Mr. E T MusonzaMeasurement of fluence at the D-line fast neutron facility at iThemba LABSUniversity of Cape Town2010
Mr. M SegalObtaining direction sensitive antineutrino detectors via simulations and experiments with neutronsUniversity of Cape Town2010
Ms. S P BvumbiDCO and polarization measurements in 152GdUniversity of the Western Cape2009
Mr. J A SwartzA Feasibility Study of the (3He,8He) reaction with the K600 Magnetic SpectrometerStellenbosch University2009
Mr. J J van ZylThe role of a knockout mechanism in the (p,3He) reactionStellenbosch University2008
Mr. T E MadibaDirectional correlation from oriented states and linear polarization measurements of 190TlUniversity of the Western Cape2008
Ms. T D SingoSearch for non-yrast states in 160YbUniversity of Cape Town2008
Mr. M J DlaminiProduction of C, N and O fragments in the interaction of 12C with 12C at an incident energy of 200 MeVUniversity of Zululand2007
Mr. O ShirindaSignature inversion in the 186-194Au nuclei predicted by the TRS and CSM calculationsUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. S M MaliageSearch for tetrahedral band in 160YbUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. A JosephRadiometry of soil – The systematic effectsUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. R F ManavhelaIn-situ measurements of Radon concentrations in soil gas at a site on the Cape flatsUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. L P MasitengLinear polarization and lifetime measurements in 194TlUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. N B MbathaRadiometric study of beach sand deposits along the coast of Western Cape Province, South AfricaUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. B M MsezaneDCO ratios and linear polarization measuremtns in 196HgUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. I N HlatshwayoIn situ gamma-ray mapping at iThemba LABSUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Ms. T M MasikhwaInclusive (p,a) and (p,3He) cross sections induced by 100 MeV protons on 40CaUniversity of the Western Cape2007
Mr. F M LukheleRadiation shielding calculations by means of MCNPXUniversity of Zululand2006
Mr. T T HlatshwayoDevelopment of fission suppression devices for AFRODITEUniversity of Zululand2006
Ms. T LakajeDetermination of the inclusive p a analyzing powers in the investigation of the 40Ca (p,pa) reaction with 100 MeV polarized protonsUniversity of Zululand2006
Mr. S S NtshangaseMeasurement of the fusion barrier distribution for the 86Kr + 208Pb reactionUniversity of Zululand2006
Mr. TM RamashidzhaGamma spectroscopy of the doubly-odd 194Tl nucleusUniversity of the Western Cape2006
Mr R W DamonDetermination of the photopeak detection efficiency of a HPGe detector, for volume sources, via Monte Carlo simulationsUniversity of the Western Cape2005
Ms. L J MudauEmission of 3He, 4He and 6He particles produced from the interaction of 12C with 93Nb at 400 MeV incident energyUniversity of the Western Cape2005
Mr. W SpeelmanModelling and measurement of Radon diffusion through soil for application on mine tailings damsUniversity of the Western Cape2005
Mr. T ModisaneCorrelations between natural radionuclide concentrations in soils and vine-growth potentialUniversity of the Northwest2005
Mr. K P MaphotoDetermination of natural radioactivity concentrations in soilUniversity of the Western Cape2004
Mr. F KomatiExcitation functions for the reactions 208Pb(p,n)208Bi and 208Pb(p,2n)207Bi measured with the AFRODITE γ-ray spectrometerUniversity of the Northwest2004
Mr. T ThovhogiApplication of a bragg curve detector to inclusive (p,a) reactions to the continuumUniversity of Cape Town2003
Mr. S MakupulaMeasurement of spectral neutron fluence from 5-200 MeV by means of liquid scintillatorsUniversity of Cape Town2003
Mr. P A VymersHigh-spin states in 197TlUniversity of the Western Cape2003
Ms. L SedumediRadiometry of milk and mineral water from the Western CapeUniversity of the Western Cape2003
Ms. T MotlhabaneCritical assessment of the MEDUSA gamma ray detection system for Radon flux measurement on a tailings damUniversity of the Northwest2003
Mr. B BeckerThe study of final state interactions in complete and incomplete fusion reactionsUniversity of Cape Town2002
Mr. J BezuidenhoutCross section and analyzing power energy-sharing distributions of valence (p,2p)-knockout from 208Pb with a projectile of 200 MeVStellenbosch University2001
Mr. N MhlahloThe use of AFRODITE clover detectors as Compton polarimetersUniversity of Cape Town2001
Mr. P MalekaCalibration of germanium detectors for applications of radiometric methods in South AfricaUniversity of the Western Cape2001
Mr. P KwinanaA study of deep-inelastic multi-nucleon transfer reactions with the AFRODITE γ-ray spectrometerUniversity of the Western Cape2001
Mr. W Whittakerγ-Ray spectroscopy of high spin states in the nucleus 113SnUniversity of Cape Town2000
Mr. Z KarriemPre-equilibrium reaction calculations using a realistic N-N interactionUniversity of the Western Cape1998
Mr. S WyngaardtA study of relativistic effects in p,2p reactionsStellenbosch University1998
Mr. R NevelingA high resolution study of the (p,2p) reaction on 208PbStellenbosch University1998
Ms. C BovatiA comprehensive study of the reactions induced by 12C on 103Rh up to 33 MeV/nUniversity of Milano1997