Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC) Laboratory

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The Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC) currently enables the:

  • production of isotopes for Nuclear Medicine
  • advancement of  research on the origin, structure and interactions of the building blocks for Subatomic Physics
  • provides neutron beams for applied research in Neutron Metrology
  • provides beams for Radiation Biophysics

Our Activities

Production of Radioisotopes: Nuclear Medicine

iThemba LABS is one of the 3 Major producers of the 68GE and 68GA generators in the world

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Fundamental Research: Origin | Structure | Interaction

iThemba LABS is a key laboratory in unravelling the connection between nuclei & stars

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Applied Research: Neutron Metrology

Neutron Beams are used in Applied Research at iThemba LABS

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Applied Research:
Radiation Biophysics

iThemba LABS produces 18F-FDG: a radioisotope used in the detection of cancerous lesions

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SSC Lab Infrastructure

Separated Sector Cyclotron

The Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC) is the largest accelerator facility in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Accelerators @SSC
Detectors @SSC
Infrastructure for Radionuclide Production
Infrastructure for Radiation Biophysics
Infrastructure for Neutron Metrology