South Africa at NUSTAR

A delegation from South Africa attended the NUSTAR meeting in Slovenia in the last week of September to investigate and discuss possible contributions iThemba
LABS can make to this large collaboration. The NUSTAR collaboration consists of more than 700 scientists from more than 170 institutions, devoted to the study of Nuclear Astrophysics, Reactions and Structure through the development of instrumentation and methods for future experiments at the FAIR facility. With the construction of FAIR only started recently, the NUSTAR collaboration is currently busy preparing for Phase 0 experiments that will use the existing GSI accelerator infrastructure.  These experiments, which will commence in 2018, have the dual purpose of testing numerous new detector systems as well as provide opportunities for new physics measurements.  Projects within NUSTAR are at the cutting edge of science and technology.  With a suitable model defining the collaboration iThemba LABS and South Africa could benefit enormously from potential technology and knowledge transfer.