Science & Technology Awareness – Overview

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To be the National Research Facility with the most effective awareness programme. Our activities will be

  • Of the highest quality,
  • Well-organized,
  • Relevant (addressing the needs of the participants), and
  • Client-centred.
stap_org_opt_smallThe strategy for the Community Interaction & Training team (CIT) is aligned with the Vision of iThemba LABS, namely “to be the leading African organization (speaking of QUALITY) for research, training and expertise (CORE BUSINESS) in accelerator-based sciences and technologies (CONTEXT)”.
The CIT-team has been very involved in programmes to promote science to learners, the general public and to some extend teachers (context). The CIT-team has formulated two action plans to promote science (the organization) amongst staff members, namely non-technical lectures and visits to schools where staff member’s kids are enrolled.
There is however a real need to promote an awareness of science and our organization as a whole to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) in a structured way. There are a number of activities that could be used as vehicles to promote our activities to students. It is however important to realize that the CIT-team will only serve as “coordinator/promoter” of these interventions (research-days, public lectures, vacation jobs, summer/winter schools, student forum, journal club, and “soft skills” workshops).


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