Science&Technology Awareness – School Visits


If you would like to arrange an exclusive visit for a school group, or indeed, any group of children or adults please phone
Ambrose Yaga
+27 21 843 1000 / 1012 / 1021 to book a suitable time.

Whilst school visits to iThemba LABS are encouraged as much as possible, it is preferred that groups of no larger than 35 people visit at one time.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours, so a good time to start is between 9 – 10 a.m. or at 2 p.m. to allow adequate time.

In order to make this visit more outcome-based a worksheet for learners has been developed. It can either be downloaded from the web or you can request to have it faxed to you.



Please keep in mind that this is a working facility – patients are being treated regularly at the hospital and it is not always possible to see the cancer treatment areas (proton/neutron therapy). Radionuclide production is also out of bounds when certain radiopharmaceuticals are being produced. If you would specifically like to see these facilities please mention this at the time of booking.

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed into any radiation areas, (ionising radiation is roughly 400% more harmful and risky to a 10 year old person than to a person aged 50, because the cells in the body of a young person divide faster, are less differentiated and are metabolically more active than in a mature person).

scifest magnetic workshop

These younger learners are welcome to watch our video (specially designed for younger viewers) and to rather spend some time in our “iThemba Xplora!” Interesting, interactive, scientific demonstrations are available on request or learners can participate in a fun hands-on workshop.


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