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Science Engagement – Science Awareness

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“Advancing Knowledge, Transforming lives, Inspiring a nation.”

Our science awareness programme aims to improve the levels of awareness, enjoyment and interest in science for all of society. A key driver for our science awareness activities is to provide members of the public, higher education institutions and high schools the opportunity to access information around careers, research projects, infrastructure and benefits to the public.

1. The Visitor Centre

iThemba LABS Visitor Centre currently has two main engagement areas namely; The exhibition hall which houses interactive exhibits and a demonstration room for benchtop type of activities. These areas are used to engage visitors to the of iThemba LABS visitors centre.

2. Career Sessions

In-reach and outreach STEMI career sessions are facilitated by iThemba LABS through which high school science learners in grades 8 – 12 are provided with an opportunity to interact with scientist and professional from iThemba LABS. The career sessions are aimed at motivating and exposing learners with different science career paths.

3. Themed Programmes

International Master Classes (IMC) in high energy particle physics – A one-day programme facilitated by international partners in the ALICE experiment at CERN. High school learners are invited to participate and practice as “High Energy Physicists” for a day in order to unravel the mysteries of Particle Physics.

Take a Girl Child To Work – A one-day programme with the aim of exposing young female science learners to the research and work areas of the scientists and professionals working at iThemba LABS.

Local Radon Project – This outreach programme which takes place over two days is linked to a, Stellenbosch University led, project with a specific focus of designing a Radon research programme. iThemba LABS in collaboration with research partners engages local high schools whereby, science educators and learners are trained on how to measure Radon levels in spaces around their communities.

4. Science Exhibitions and Festivals

As part of the science awareness offering by iThemba LABS participates in science and career exhibitions at higher education institutions, science centres, science festivals, school science days and International science exhibitions and festivals.

5. Open Day

We host our annual Open Day during the maintenance “shutdown” period. On the iThemba LABS open day the facility opens its doors to all members of the public, presenting an opportunity for members to acquire a first-hand and in-depth understanding of the activities conducted at iThemba LABS.

What’s New

Inspiring a Nation

Science Engagement is considered to be three separate activities, namely:
science awareness, science communication and science education.

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Supporting young people through motivational storytelling
Bridging the GAP through technology
Enhancing the teaching and learning of Physical Science

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Our Activities

Science Education

Science Education

Our science education programme aims to contribute to strengthening and supporting science understanding, teaching and learning by engaging educators and learners in our schools through bringing the world of accelerator-based science into classrooms.

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Science Awareness

Science Awareness

Our science awareness programme aims to improve the levels of awareness, enjoyment and interest in accelerator-based science for all of society

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Science Communication

Science Communication

The science communication component of the Science engagement division aims to facilitate information sharing with education stakeholders and the public, through our various communication portals including public lectures, social media, printable resources and articles for popular science magazines.

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