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Science Engagement – Overview

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The Communication, Information and Science Engagement (CISE) Department at iThemba LABS has communication and science engagement as one its core activities. The activities are aimed at promoting an awareness and appreciation of accelerator-based sciences and technology, by providing and facilitating access to iThemba LABS to internal and external stakeholders that include schools, public and private, tertiary institutions, researchers, and the general public. This is a contribution to the broader Science Engagement programme of the NRF whose main function is to lead and coordinate the discourse on science with and for society in support of the national imperative of developing a scientifically literate society as aligned with the NRF Strategy 2025 and Vision 2030. The vision, and so is the strategy, focus on “Research that works for Society” to improve the quality of life for all South Africans through advancing research, science, technology and innovation (RSTI). Science Engagement at iThemba LABS is underpinned by three pillars, namely; Science Education Support, Science Awareness and Science Communication.

Vision statement:

To provide and facilitate empowering science engagement activities and events that foster development and positive experiences for learners, educators, students, civil society groups and members of the public.

Mission Statement:

Inspiring our target stakeholders to explore, discover, understand and enjoy learning about the world of accelerator based sciences and technologies.


Living the NRF values is at the heart of how we conduct our business and underpins what we do, who we are, what we believe in and what we stand for in society.

  • We are driven by Passion for excellence
  • Strive to provide World class Service
  • Aim to be people centred in all the programmes we offer
  • Have respect to be at the centre of our interaction with stakeholders
  • Always maintain and uphold Integrity and Ethics in our services
  • Be accountable to our stakeholders at all times

Latest Science Engagement News

News Archive

Inspiring a Nation

Science Engagement is considered to be three separate activities, namely:
science awareness, science communication and science education.

The Science Engagement team has continued its interaction with Matriculants/Valedictorians
and Educators at schools through face-to-face and virtual presentations during October.

Find out more about the Science Engagement Team activities during the past month. Read more…

Our Activities

Science Education

Science Education

Our science education programme aims to contribute to strengthening and supporting science understanding, teaching and learning by engaging educators and learners in our schools through bringing the world of accelerator-based science into classrooms.

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Science Awareness

Science Awareness

Our science awareness programme aims to improve the levels of awareness, enjoyment and interest in accelerator-based science for all of society

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Science Communication

Science Communication

The science communication component of the Science engagement division aims to facilitate information sharing with education stakeholders and the public, through our various communication portals including public lectures, social media, printable resources and articles for popular science magazines.

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Virtual Tour

The Science Engagement team has produced a recorded virtual tour exhibition that explores the facilities at iThemba LABS’s Materials Research Department (MRD). The exhibition is meant for public audiences to gain access to information about different research projects and hear from our experts how accelerators are used to conduct novel research for the benefit of society. Read more…

Click here for the Virtual Tour

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