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Science Engagement helps young people make informed decisions

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  • August 9, 2022August 9, 2022

What options are available post-matric and how important are the subjects that I choose for the FET-phase of my schooling career?

With the backdrop of a stagnant economy and the long shadows of youth unemployment in the country, the SE team has been partnering with the Cape Career Exhibition Association (CCEA). This partnership has resulted in career exhibitions being offered at schools locally, in the Eden Karoo district, and in the Chris Hani district of the Eastern Cape. The SE team has to-date interacted with grade 9, 11, and 12 learners in over 20 high schools, sharing information about the people, products and processes linked to iThemba LABS as an end-user of scientific human capital.

In addition to career exhibitions, the SE team continues to offer hands-on workshops to learners and educators in under-resourced schools thereby contributing to the development of practical skills. Electricity and Magnetism has been selected as one of the physical science themes as it provides an opportunity to position iThemba LABS as a context within which science becomes relevant.