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Our mission is to serve as South Africa’s particle accelerator centre.  
We advance isotope science and technology, both fundamental and applied.  We collaborate across communities and disciplines, from nuclear and particle physics to the life and material sciences.  We discover and innovate, inspire and educate, creating knowledge and opportunity for all.


 More about our Research Topics

Nuclear Physics

The Subatomic Physics department performs and facilitates world-class nuclear related physics research through in-house and collaborative (national and international) projects.

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Hadron Physics

Scientists in the department are involved in the physics program associated with the ALICE Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland).

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Particle Physics

The driving motivation behind particle physics experiments is the desire to uncover the true nature of fundamental forces and particles.
Scientists at iThemba LABS are involved in the international ATLAS project based at CERN.

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Accelerator R & D

iThemba LABS accelerators are the heart of the South African accelerator-based experimental subatomic physics program and applications

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Innovative Radioisotope
R & D

iThemba LABS’s cyclotrons produce critical isotopes used for medical imaging.  

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Radiation Biophysics

R&D in medical physics and radiobiology,  with a strong focus on translational research for clinical applications..

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Nano & Material Sciences

Focus research areas at Materials research are Nano-science & Nanotechnology.

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R & D

The trusted instrumentation partner providing the necessary tools for researchers at iThemba LABS.

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