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The Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences is actually a collection of THREE laboratories, namely

The Separated Sectors Cyclotron (SSC) Laboratory that provides ion beams to advance our understanding of the heart of matter and the fuel of stars, as well as the interaction of radiation with biological systems
The Tandetron Laboratory offering Ion-Beam Analysis techniques such as PIXE, ERDA and RBS for application in Materials Research, Material Engineering and Nano-science
The Tandem and Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (TAMS) Laboratory offering another and complementary tool for Ion-beam Analysis technique and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry as a multidisciplinary research tool

Apart from linking the research to accelerators and therefore “laboratories”, we have also rebranded our technical support activities. The idea is to think of technical support as technical competence that is either of a general nature, linked to accelerator operation and maintenance or support to research and development activities. Our intention is to regroup our technical competence to more accurately reflect the primary roles, namely:
Accelerator Operation and Technical Support which focuses on the provision of ion beams to all the laboratories and the maintenance of the accelerator infrastructure;
Research and Development Technical Support which provides support to the research laboratories and the innovation projects;
General Technical Support which provides support to the whole organization and oversees all projects related to infrastructure development