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Nuclear Medicine

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Since the late 1980’s, the Nuclear medicine related endeavours at iThemba LABS has been a major pillar of the facility that has been supported by the two main activities: i) the Radioisotope Production Programme and ii) Particle Therapy Programme with protons and neutrons. As the iThemba LABS proton and neutron therapy programme diminished over recent years, the activities was replaced as per the Long Range Plan (LRP) resolution by radiation biology and radiation physics research activities. In order to optimize synergy and efficiency at iThemba LABS for the Nuclear Medicine related activities, both activities have been consolidated into one single Nuclear Medicine Department in 2018 which comprise of the Division: Radiopharmaceutical and Radiochemicals Manufacturing and the Division: Radiation Biophysics.


Radiopharmaceutical and Radiochemicals Manufacturing

Impacting the Societal need through provision for the health and environmental sector

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Radiation Biophysics

Research expertise in Radiation Biology and Radiation Physics

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Whats New

Radioisotope Production at iThemba LABS