MAGNEX magnetic spectrograph experiment

An iThemba LABS-led experiment using the MAGNEX magnetic spectrograph at INFN-LNS in Catania took place in January. The experiment, proposed by Dr Luna Pellegri, used the 95 Mo(d,p) 96 Mo and 97 Mo(p,d) 96 Mo single-neutron transfer reactions to populate states in 96 Mo, with the intention of comparing the population of states with gamma-ray inelastic-scattering data.
The origin of the pygmy-dipole response of nuclei is one of the most important open questions in nuclear physics at the present time, with disagreement between models which support a collective interpretation and others which support 1 particle-1 hole excitations.

These reactions, which should favour the population of single-particle states may then be compared to the gamma-ray scattering data, testing whether the 1 particle-1 hole interpretation of the strength is supported by the transfer-reaction data.