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iThemba LABS commits to combatting cancer on the African continent

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  • April 5, 2022February 7, 2023

iThemba LABS has been producing radioisotopes for both the local and international market for over 30 years. The radiopharmaceutical/ radiochemical production process includes the bombardment of the target material with charged particles; chemical separation of the radioisotope from the target material using radiochemistry methods; compounding of the final radiopharmaceutical/radiochemical; and packaging the product for the local and international market according to regulatory requirements. These products are produced according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) in specialised facilities and supplied for clinical application.

iThemba LABS is one of a few facilities in the world that produce irradiated 82Rb targets for the production of 82Sr and 68Ge/68Ga-generators, and is the exclusive producer of 123I radiopharmaceuticals in South Africa.

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