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International Research Infrastructure Gateway (IRI-G)

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The International Research Infrastructure Gateway (IRI-G) is one of the four strategic pillars of iThemba LABS’ Long Range Plan

The IRI-G provides a platform for South African researchers to access large scale research infrastructure through our collaboration agreements with international research institutions such as CERN, JINR, GSI/FAIR, BNL etc.

The collaboration with the international laboratories will provide an opportunity for South African based scientists, engineers and technicians to participate in upgrade projects for these international laboratories, which will enable them to acquire expertise in new technologies.
International Collaborations (download PDF)

What’s New

Upcoming Events

iThemba LABS is committed to become Africa’s GATEWAY to International Research Infrastructure by providing an incubator within which young research scientists and technicians can be trained and upskilled to address the myriad of challenges faced by our Country, Continent and the World. Conferences and workshops with participation from International experts create platforms that not only encourages networking, but also facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills.
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More Collaborations

More about IRI-G

International Collaborations

iThemba LABS’ role as gateway to international large scale research infrastructures.
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Collaborations in Africa

iThemba LABS’ role as Hub of expertise on the African continent and African Model of Excellence.
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Updates on IRI-G

Read about more developments around the International Research Infrastructure Gateway
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