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Instrumentation – Infrastructure

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Target laboratory:

Two vacuum evaporators for thin film deposition. One evaporator is fitted with resistive heating of tantalum or other high melting point metals. An electron gun is used in the second evaporator for high melting point metals and specific applications involving highly isotopically enriched materials.

A 2m3 dual glove box for sensitive material with automated control of moisture and oxygen levels. The glove box has transfer chambers facility and it is hosting a rolling mill.

Nanobalance: sub microgram amounts of material are weighed using the nanobalance. The balance is fitted on a granite slab and has motion sensors to be operated without physical contact.

A target storage system accommodates 10 individual storage boxes that can be disconnected from the main system individually. Sensitive materials and targets are stored under 3E-5 mbar. The removing of single boxes is operated with minimum influence on the vacuum level in the rest of the system. The vacuum level is monitored 24/7.

Detector lab:

3D printing is performed using a Markforged ONYX one machine. ONYX material is based on nylon reinforced with carbon fiber particles making it superior to nylon. The resolution and reproducibility of the printer allows producing mechanical parts with tight tolerances. Parts are printed on bed size 300x130x150mm.

A dual port annealing station produces high vacuum for the outgasing and annealing of germanium detectors. The combination of a dry pump and turbo pump enable 5E-7 mbar pressure. Heaters of various makes ORTEC, Mirion, in house heater, belt and tape heaters are used for heating cryostat. Pullers and shaft were made over the years to adapt to most of the detector makes encountered.