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Computer Numerical Control

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New Computer Numerical Control (CNC) vertical machine is available. The spindle speed is up to 12000 rpm, the maximum part weight is over 1 ton and the tool carousel accommodates different 30 tools. It was procured together with a CNC lathe, the two machines are expected to significantly increase the productivity of the mechanical workshop.  A work job from anywhere on site can be designed, drawn, placed in a 3d model and then at the press of a button be milled by the machine with as many copies as one desires.  Currently the machine is dedicated to 80% jobs from both departments at iThemba LABS and 20% for accelerator jobs who also use the main workshop.  Thus the machine and it’s dedicated operator compliment and improve throughput, and even allow more complicated designs to be manufactured as in the past many jobs needed to be sent to external NRF facilities.  Skill transference is ongoing to introduce the new machine and its capabilities to both engineers and scientists.