First experiment with moving targets

An experiment was performed at the K600 spectrometer as part of the Ph.D. project of Miss Sandile Jongile. The experiment was a success with several unique milestones. It is the first time in almost two decades that the specific reaction of removing a neutron with a proton beam has been performed using the K600 spectrometer, but most importantly this experiment is the first of its kind to use highly enriched 36-Sulfur without heavy contaminants which usually accompany such targets.

The challenge of producing such a target without material loss due to heat, were overcome by developing a new target mechanism which continuously moves the 36-Sulfur target in a random motion through the beam. Producing such moving 36-Sulfur targets is not only cost-effective due to very minimal material loss, but since such targets were not available it has now become possible for such targets to also be used in future experiments using alternative reactions at iThemba LABS or elsewhere.