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eduroam policy at iThemba LABS

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eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that enables iThemba LABS staff and students to use the wireless networks at other participating universities and research facilities worldwide. It also enables other eduroam users to use the wireless network at iThemba LABS.

Conditions of use:

  • Limit the number of devices you connect.  You may connect up to 3 devices to the network simultaneously.
  • Use the internet responsibly and in moderation: We monitor individual bandwidth usage, so use the internet responsibly for study, research and work-related purposes. Remember that you are bound by the labs policies such as the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policies .
  • Abide by eduroam policies: Read the eduroam National Policy for South Africa
  • Do not share your login username and password: Doing so can compromise your data and the labs’ network. It can also result in people connecting multiple devices to eduroam under your name – which can result in you losing access to eduroam.

How users at iThemba LABS can connect to eduroam:

Connect to the eduroam SSID.  Follow the  security settings below.

Security typeWPA2-Enterprise
Encryption typeAES
Network authentication methodPEAP​
UsernameThis will be your Active Directory credentials  / 
Certificate nameThe client uses the certificate on the radius server​​

Visitors to iThemba

Visiting representatives from other institutions will similarly be able to access the Internet through the iThemba LABS Wireless network using their home institution’s credentials with the wireless settings as indicated above.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the iThemba LABS Service Desk on 021 843 1332 /1320.

All information about the use of eduroam will be recorded by iThemba LABS on site or at other universities where you visit and use eduroam. You can get more information on the eduroam website.

Users will be able to select our institution and the corresponding configuration tool for their device.

Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool provides customised installers for various platforms.

eduroam National Policy for South Africa

Responsibilities of eduroam users in South Africa

South African eduroam Privacy Statement