Bruce Mellado is not JUST a particle physicist!

“Education becomes relevant when we connect it with reality”

Robert John Meehan

It is so easy to keep your head down as you advance knowledge. But what is the use of the knowledge and skills if it is not used to make a meaningful contribution? Well, that is exactly what Bruce Mellado and the Institute he leads is doing. He currently serves as member of the Gauteng Premier’s Covid-19 Advisory Committee where he leads the modelling efforts in the province. In recent months and in collaboration with IBM, the team has been helping with the identification and mitigation of hotspots through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This activity demonstrates the abilities of researchers to perform technology transfer at the same time of performing world class research.

Accurate modelling is one of the tools being used to fight the Covid-19 pandemic globally. It is essential for policy makers, experts and the population to get access to reliable information on the evolution and severity of the pandemic based on relevant and robust advanced analytics and modelling. There has been a large increase in the daily number of cases throughout South Africa in recent weeks. These increases show clear signs of the start of the second surge experienced in many countries around the world. In order to manage the rapidly growing numbers in Gauteng, it is vital to be able to target areas where the spread of the virus is growing fast and can be categorized as a hotspot.

Bruce has become a regular voice on Radio and TV. Below please find links to recently conducted interviews: