Bringing GAMKA to life with ice-cold precision

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We are HAPPY to report that the liquid nitrogen plant was commissioned towards the end of April, and after two weeks of testing, is working to specification. The plant is an important capital investment to the GAMKA project, hosted by iThemba LABS. The liquefier produces liquid nitrogen from air via pressure swing adsorption technology to first produce nitrogen gas, and subsequently the Gifford[1]McMahon method to produce liquid nitrogen. The production of liquid nitrogen occurs at a rate exceeding 10 l/hr and the system has a storage capacity of 1 000 l. The plant, supplied by Lab Gas Africa, has a five-year warranty and service plan and the operation will be overseen by the InIT-department. The regulatory safety training of InIT and RSHEQ personnel has been completed and five large volume tanks (240-l capacity) that are part of the Stellenbosch University commitment to GAMKA, have been filled. The final step in the commissioning process is the upgrade of the detector filling systems to incorporate identified changes, and to document the Safe Operating Procedures.