AGATA Workshop

The “AGATA for stable beams” international workshop was organised on 25-26 March at the LNL nuclear physics facility at Legnaro, Italy. The workshop was dedicated to discussing future experiments with the AGATA gamma-ray tracking array.  The AGATA array is planned as a 4p ball of Ge detectors. It does not need suppression shields (as for example the iThemba LABS AFRODITE array) because it suppresses the Compton background using gamma-ray tracking. This allows unprecedented efficiency and resolving power. At present the array is only partially built (see the figure below) and is operated in Ganil, France. Ideas for future experiments aiming to use the AGATA array with the stable beams at Legnaro were discussed. Two experiments were proposed by two iThemba LABS staff members, one on astrophysics and one on nuclear structure studies.