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Accelerators – Light-ion solid-pole injector cyclotron (SPC1)

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  • SPC1 is also a variable-energy machine and was designed to accelerate protons to a maximum beam energy of 8 MeV.
  • It is equipped with an internal Penning Ionisation Gauge (PIG) ion source capable of accelerating particles ranging from protons to heavy ion beams with a mass-to-charge ratio ( q/m ) of 0.25.
  • SPC1 is however mostly used for pre-acceleration of proton beams used for the production of radioisotopes.
  • The RF frequency of SPC1 ranges from 8.6 MHz to 26 MHz and the 2nd and 6th harmonic modes are used for acceleration.
  • Extraction from SPC1 is accomplished using an Electrostatic Extraction Channel, EEC, and two Magnetic Extraction Channels, MEC1 and MEC2.