A “Peep” at the Recent Activities of the SA-ALICE Team at CERN

The iThemba LABS ALICE team was at CERN in April – June 2018 to participate in the data taking and upgrade related activities. Zinhle Buthelezi (Senior Scientist) served as Run Manager for the ALICE Run Coordination. This is an important role in the experiment since it entails assisting the Run Coordination team with the daily operations of the experiment. Amal Sarkar (Postdoc) and Sibaliso Mhlanga (PhD student) took on-call shifts for the Muon Spectrometer. At the end of May 2018 Siegie Förtsch (Senior Scientist), Rony Kuriakose (electronics, INIT department) and Zinhle Buthelezi participated in the test beams for the upgrade of the ALICE Muon Tracking Chamber front-end electronics and readout at the CERN SPS.

The picture shows R Kuriakose, Z Buthelezi and her MSc student, Christine Monteverdi, during the setup at the SPS.

On 30 May 2018 Z Buthelezi participated in the LHC Physics 2018 event themed “Facebook live on LHC physics season 2018 – What’s up LHC?” It was organized by the CERN Outreach group and streamed live on Facebook. The event is archived at https://www.facebook.com/cern/videos/1715712755182729/ and the article about the event is documented at http://alicematters.web.cern.ch/?q=content/node/1109.