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Welcome to iThemba Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences (LABS)

Africa’s leading research facility for accelerator based science that is committed to:

  • advance knowledge,
  • transform lives and,
  • inspire a nation by:

Probing fundamental structure and the origins of matter; Advancing the understanding of condensed matter; Impacting the Societal need through provision for the health and environmental sector

Message from the Director

Research | Training | Expertise

World Class Research | Expertise

The southern hemisphere’s epicentre for accelerator-based research

A key laboratory in unravelling the connection between nuclei and stars. Read more...

Produces critical isotopes used to detect cancerous lesions. Read more …

Nanoscience | Nanotechnology: Ultra small wonders making a big impact. Read more

AMS radiocarbon dating used in climate crisis research and paleoscience | heritage studies. Read more …

Fantastic Infrastructure
iThemba LABS is the premier cyclotron facility in the southern hemisphere.

Our Laboratories

SSC Laboratory

Studying the heart of matter and the fuel of stars in the laboratory.

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Tandetron Laboratory

Materials Research at the nano-scale for science and innovation.

Read more …

Tandem & AMS Laboratory

Africa’s 1st Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Lab.

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Sharing the Vision – Shaping the Future

The four pillars in the recapitalization strategy of iThemba LABS

South African Isotope Facility (SAIF)

SAIF is iThemba LABS flagship project.
A major strategic intervention that will forever alter the landscape of accelerator based physics research in South Africa and on the African continent
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Southern African Institute for Nuclear Technology & Sciences (SAINTS)

Transforming lives through human capacity development

Advancing the transformation agenda in science
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Technology Innovation Platform (TIP)

Developing local competence
Advancing science competence

Showcasing the technology and innovation linked to iThemba LABS
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International Research Infrastructure Gateway (IRI-G)

Gateway for exchange and development nationally & internationally

Hub of science expertise on African continent
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Video Gallery

South African Isotope Facility (SAIF)

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