First PhD in ALICE-related physics at IThemba LABS

In December 2017 Kgotlaesele Johnson Senosi will be the first student from iThemba LABS to be awarded a PhD degree in High Energy Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Cape Town. Johnson hails from Gopane village, North West Province. He came to the Mother City in 2011 as an MSc student, seeking new adventures and an aspiration to be a particle and/or heavy-ion Physicist.

His PhD project titled “Vector boson production with the ALICE detector at LHC energies”, entails a study of the production of heavy W and Z particles which are important benchmarks (“standard candles”) of the Standard Model.  The highlight of his PhD results culminated in a paper published in February 2017 in the Journal of High Energy Physics, also featuring work done in collaboration with scientists at Subatech and Orsay (France) and Wuhan (China).

As we say in ZULU: “Halala Johnson, wasebenza!”