The Accelerator Department recently hosted Dr Freddy Poirier of the Cyclotron Facility at ARRONAX (Accelerator for Research in Radiochemistry and Oncology at Nantes Atlantic). One of the prime reasons for the visit was to discuss future collaboration between iThemba LABS and the Cyclotron Facility at ARRONAX. ARRONAX is particularly interested in the beam diagnostics used for high intensity beams, while iThemba LABS could gain from ARRONAX’s operational experience with 70 MeV cyclotrons. ARRONAX has been operating a C70 cyclotron build by IBA and which is used for a range of applications such as production of radionuclides, radiobiology research, and measurement of nuclear data. Dr Poirier also presented a colloquium on the studies and upgrades on the cyclotron C70 ARRONAX.