all-day 6th International Conference on ... @ Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Cape Town
6th International Conference on ... @ Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Cape Town
Oct 29 – Nov 2 all-day
Registration is open for the 6th International Conference on Collective Motion in Nuclei under Extreme Conditions (COMEX6).  Visit the website at http://www.comex6.tlabs.ac.za for more information. Day one of COMEX6, the 29th October 2018, will take[...]
all-day Workshop on: Spectrum, Presentat... @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Workshop on: Spectrum, Presentat... @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Nov 12 – Nov 14 all-day
Lecturers/facilitators: Dr Tanya Hutton (Dept. of Physics, UCT), Dr Pete Jones (Dept. of Subatomic Physics, iThemba LABS), Dr Philippos Papadakis (Univ. of Liverpool), Dr Carl Unsworth (STFC Daresbury Laboratory, UK ) Venue: Auditorium and Computer[...]


Long Range Planning Workshop for Gauteng Dept.

The Directorate visited Gauteng on 7 March for a workshop to discuss the 10 year plans for the department. Various stakeholders and students made presentations on the use of the facility.
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Tier-3 High Performance Computing Cluster at iThemba LABS

Through resources made available by CERN, a high performance computing cluster was launched to allow iThemba LABS a significant computer increase in capabilities, especially for the ALICE group as well as the whole SA-ALICE collaboration.
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Uranium carbide (UCx) targets for radioactive beams

Ntombizonke Kheswa, the Subatomic Physics Department target maker, recently visited the Italian and French laboratories that are specializing in the manufacture of uranium carbide (UCx) targets for radioactive beams. The purpose for her visit was to identify the requirements for the establishment of a laboratory capable of producing UCx targets
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ALICE Muon Tracking Chambers (MCH) Upgrade Project

Rony Kuriakose (electronic engineer-Instrumentation Group) and Zinhle Buthelezi (researcher– iThemba-ALICE group), visited CERN, Geneva, Switzerland from 12-25 February. CERN is currently undergoing various upgrades within the ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) detector – one of numerous experiments on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) ring. The opportunity to be involved
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iThemba LABS in the media (22/03/2017)

Check out the advertisement for iThemba LABS training opportunities in the Quest Magazine, vol13, no 1, p37: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11911/26 High Energy Physics Workshop hosted at the Gauteng department of iThemba LABS: http://www.wits.ac.za/news/latest-news/research-news/2017/2017-02/high-energy-physics-workshop-inspires-young-talent.html Public Lecture at iThemba LABS appears on “Things to do in Somerset West” page: http://south-africa.siguez.com/somerset-west/ithemba-labs/public-lecture-big-thinking-about-small-things?2m9thupeo3
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Learner’s Lecture: Dr Sudesh Sivarasu

Dr Sudesh Sivarasu, Senior Lecturer in the Division of Biomedical Engineering at UCT, will present a lecture for High School learners. He received the TW Kambule-NSTF Award for Emerging Researchers at the prestigious 18th annual National Science and Technology Forum Awards Dinner. Earlier this year Dr Sivarasu was also awarded
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Public Lecture – Prof Suprakas Ray

Imagine a sticker, slapped onto a miner’s sleeve that could warn underground workers about the presence of toxic or flammable gases; or a material that could adsorb heavy metal pollutants from mine wastewater without the need for large, expensive and power-hungry purification equipment. Such elegant solutions in the context of
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Visitor: Margaret Adedokun

Margaret Adedokun is a physics assistant lecturer and a Ph.D. (medical physics) student from the University of Lagos in Nigeria. She is visiting the environmental radioactivity laboratory (ERL) of the subatomic physics department, as of February 1st to March 31st. The purpose of her visit is to utilize the HPGe
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Visitors: from the ALICE Group

The SA-ALICE group from the subatomic physics department will be hosting Dr Guy Paic (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) for a month, starting from February 25th, 2017. Dr Paic will give a series of lectures on Heavy Ion Physics at UCT and will also present a colloquium at iThemba LABS.
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International Masterclasses at iThemba LABS

During the coming weeks, high-school students around the world are invited to nearby research institutes and universities for a day-long programme to experience life at the forefront of basic research. These International Masterclasses give students the opportunity to become particle physicists for a day. During a Masterclass, participants work with
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