all-day 6th International Conference on ... @ Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Cape Town
6th International Conference on ... @ Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Cape Town
Oct 29 – Nov 2 all-day
Registration is open for the 6th International Conference on Collective Motion in Nuclei under Extreme Conditions (COMEX6).  Visit the website at http://www.comex6.tlabs.ac.za for more information. Day one of COMEX6, the 29th October 2018, will take[...]


Mandela Legacy Education Week

A Mandela legacy initiative with a focus on education will be held at iThemba LABS from 18-21 July as part of Mandela Day celebrations.  All staff are invited and encouraged to participate. The week will start with a ”take a girl child to work” initiative on the 18th July 2017
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Science Communication Workshop

Participants at the Science Communication Workshop A very successful SAASTA/NPEP Science Writing workshop was held on 29 – 30 May at iThemba LABS.  It was attended by 65 participants, including students from MRD, Subatomic Physics and some communication representatives.  The purpose of the workshop was to introduce participants to writing
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2017 SA-JINR Student Practice

The Subatomic Physics Department (DSP) is coordinating the annual South Africa-Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (SA-JINR) Student Practice held at the JINR laboratories in Dubna, Russia from 29 May to 16 June 2017. In total, 16 students were selected from 8 SA Universities through a panel review meeting. In preparation
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Mr SA visits iThemba LABS

Dr Habib Noorbhai, current Mr South Africa visited iThemba LABS on 30 May. Dr Noorbhai is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He is also a Registered Biokineticist, Humanitarian and Motivational Speaker. In 2013, he was voted in South Africa’s top 100 brightest young minds
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Biomimetic and bioactive polymers – the next phase of health care?

On the 28th of June, iThemba LABS will be hosting a public lecture entitled: “Biomimetic and bioactive polymers – the next phase of health care?” The lecture will be presented by Prof Bert Klumperman (Stellenbosch University). In order to design and synthesize complex materials with advanced functionalities, scientists very often
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International Workshop on Level Density and Gamma Strength

The Department of Physics at the University of Oslo hosted an International Workshop on Level Density and Gamma Strength in Oslo, May 8-12, 2017. The workshop was the sixth in a series of biannual meetings in Oslo devoted to the subject, and enjoyed its 10th anniversary. The scientific program included
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Science Writing workshop

This will be a practical workshop to guide you as to how to write your scientific and technical research in an easily digestible format for various audiences, such as the general public and the media.
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DST Budget Vote Exhibition and Debate

iThemba LABS was part of an NRF Exhibition that was held at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town during the DST Budget Vote Speech on 16 May with the theme of “The Oliver Tambo legacy: Positioning the national system of innovation for the future”.
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138-Lanthanum production in the Cosmos

Dr Vincent Kheswa, who was previously a student at iThemba LABS, has published a follow-up article on his PhD work which evolves around the production of 138-Lanthanum in the cosmos and which was a long standing puzzle of nuclear astrophysics. Dr Kheswa took a new approach to determine the 138-Lanthanum
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Suppressing a selection of excited states in carbon reveals others

In 2009 a paper was published on results from experiments done at iThemba LABS on the K600 spectrometer. It was shown that a long sought after excited state in the most abundant carbon isotope was obscured by another well-known state that is very strongly excited. This carbon isotope has six
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