6:00 pm Public Lecture: Progress with Nu... @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Public Lecture: Progress with Nu... @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Jun 6 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Public Lecture: Progress with Nuclear Fusion for Energy Generation @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
SPEAKER: Prof W A Richter – iThemba LABS and Physics Department, Stellenbosch VENUE: iThemba LABS, Auditorium RSVP: 021 843 1021 or luchricia@tlabs.ac.za   Man cannot survive without energy, and the traditional sources on our planet are[...]
11:00 am Physics Forum @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Physics Forum @ iThemba LABS, Cape Town
Jul 18 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
CONTACT PERSON: Luna Pelligri EMAIL: luna.pellegri@gmail.com



The ATLAS MUON Week 2018 was successfully concluded in the week of 5-9 February at STIAS in Stellenbosch. Management and logistical support was provided by the iThemba LABS team.
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ANSTT Workshop at iThemba LABS

The Advanced Nuclear Science and Technology Techniques Workshop, a 4 ½ day workshop, will be held at iThemba LABS from 5-9 March to discuss current techniques in digital signal processing for gamma and neutron spectroscopy and develop future collaborations between nuclear physicists. The workshop will  be funded by the Science
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African Union Commission Meeting of Heads of States

An event that may have passed unnoticed during the busy month of January is the African Union Commission Meeting of Heads of States recently held in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa on 28 January 2018. Whereas mere mention of a meeting of African heads of state may or may not sound relevant
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Hypatia in the news

  Part of „Hypatia”, dimensions: ~9mm x ~9mm Photo: Roberto Appiani Research on a small stone, merely 30 g in weight, found in 1996 in south-west Egypt, and called ‘Hypatia’ (after Hypatia of Alexandria, the first woman  mathematician and astronomer), made worldwide news after the paper by Georgy Belyanin et
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Coordinated research project on Applications of Biological Dosimetry methods in Radiation Oncology

The IAEA selected the radiation biology laboratory at iThemba LABS to participate in a coordinated research project (CRP) on Applications of Biological Dosimetry Methods in Radiation Oncology. The CRP consists of 25 institutions from 23 IAEA Member States, who will set up a research biodosimetry network for clinical applications. The
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Prof Keith Fifield visits AMS group

The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry group recently hosted one of the pioneers of AMS, Prof Keith Fifield of the Australian National University. The AMS detects rare cosmogenic isotopes 14C, 10Be and 26Al at abundances in the order of one atom in 1016. The 14C laboratory has made exceptional progress and Prof
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Something to peak your interest

Nuclei, consisting of protons and neutrons, can be a variety of shapes. So, how do we know what shape the nucleus of an element is? We figure this out by firing a beam of particles (e.g. protons) at a target made up of that element. The beam-target interaction causes the
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Nuclear astrophysics measurements in Australia

Researchers from iThemba LABS (Dr P Jones and Mr A Avaa) and RCNP, Osaka (Prof E Ideguchi and Ms ThiHa Hoang) joined an experiment at the Australian National University, Canberra led by Dr T Kibedi in November.  The so-called “Hoyle State” in 12C was studied through a rare decay mechanism
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Nobel Laureate visits iThemba LABS

Prof Jean-Marie Lehn won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Donald Cram and Charles Pedersen in 1987 for his synthesis of cryptands. Prof Lehn visited iThemba LABS on Monday 18 December.  He presented a seminar in the auditorium, visited the facilities and met with postgraduates and students.
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Cooperation agreement signed between iThemba LABS and the Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN)

iThemba LABS signed a collaboration agreement with the French National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN). The mission of the INSTN is “to provide excellence in education and training to ensure a safe, skilled and competent workforce (in Nuclear Science and Technology)”.  The INSTN offers courses in the following
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