HPGe (High-purity germanium) system

The laboratory-based hyper-pure germanium (HPGe) detector is a p-type, 45% relative efficiency, 2 keV FWHM resolution at 1.33 MeV Canberra detector system. The HPGe detector is customized for measuring low-activity samples. The system is placed in a low-background environment by surrounding the detector crystal with 10 cm thick lead castle. The castle has thin copper lining inside to attenuate the low-energy X-rays introduced by gamma-rays mainly in lead. Standard nuclear electronics are used to process the detector signals.

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From the Director’s Office

A New Year brings new opportunities to share a vision, build collaborations and shape the future.

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Corporate Profile

Corporate profile of iThemba LABS in February issue of Leadership Magazine p. 68-69

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Physics Masterclasses

The International Masterclasses in Particle Physics will be held on 1st April at iThemba LABS. These classes give secondary school students the opportunity to discover the world of quarks and leptons for themselves.
See Gallery of images from last year's masterclass

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SA-CERN Collaboration

Big data science in South Africa reaching new funding highs through the South African CERN collaboration

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