CIT News


Grade 7 learners from Deutsche Iut School (DSK) in Tamboerskloof (Cape Town) were treated to a science show and workshop yesterday at iThemba LABS! The science show consisted of various chemicals experiments that were designed to mimic ‘elephant toothpaste’ and to test the presence of hydrogen using a baloon and zinc granules. At the workshop, learners were put into groups where they were instructed to build a racing car using cardboard, plastic lids, straw, wooden sticks and masking tape. Afterwards, each car was pushed down a ramp to see how far it can move, and the group with the car that travelled the furthest distance was awarded with a prize!

The learners were also treated to a tour of the Control Room at the Accelerator & Engineering department, as well as a DVD screening of the work of the various departments at iThemba LABS.

What an inquisitive group of learners!

***Do you want to take a tour of the iThemba LABS facility in Cape Town? Or would you like to participate in a science show with your school? Contact: (021) 843 1000.