Accelerators – Services


The helium type mass spectrometer leak detectors that we use at iThemba LABS can detect He partial pressures of 10.e-12 mbar and leak rates of 1.e-11 mbar l/s. These systems produce a low pressure of 10.e-4 mbar by means of a rotary vane pump and an ion diffusion pump using a cold trap.

We are using three leak detections systems at iThemba LABS two of which are transportable to the locations where leak detection is needed. Services are also rendered to other instances eg the universities and hospitals.



African School of Accelerator Technology

A succesful workshop for training scientists and technologists from Nigeria and Ghana was held on 18 – 29 February 2008 as a joint venture between us and the IAEA. The funding was made available by the IAEA.

The curriculum covered the following subjects:

  1. Theoretical aspects of Vacuum Technology and Techniques
  2. Maintenance of Vacuum Equipment
  3. Van de Graaff Accelerator and its ancillary components
  4. Ion Sources
  5. Beam Diagnostics
  6. Pneumatics and Water Cooling Systems
  7. Accelerators and application