Radiation Biophysics – Overview


Exchanges with the local Teachings Hospitals and pursuing Radiobiology matters that is of direct clinical relevance is an ongoing project. As a result 4 research papers on the clinical outcome of particle therapy protocols have been published during recent years. This includes a retrospective study evaluating the control rates of skull base meningiomas for patients treated using stereotactic proton therapy. By analysing different dose / fractionating schedules a tissue specific repair constant could be estimated from the clinical data that proves to be most useful to calculate the physical radiation dose needed for a given treatment protocol (Int. J Rad. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2001). Also, it could be demonstrated that the hypofractionated proton treatments given at iThemba is iso-effectiveness to both conventional fractionated protocols and radiosurgery treatments given at other facilities.

Repair of arteriovenous malformations in response to fractionated proton treatments.

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