The following cGMP radiopharmaceuticals are produced on a weekly basis or on demand:

1. 67Ga citrate: for scintigraphy in the diagnosis of malignant lymphomas, malignant melanoma, lung carcinomas, mesothelioma, hepatoma, head and neck tumors, sarcomas, miscellaneous malignancies and indications in inflammations and infections (sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, AIDS and miscellaneous infectious diseases).

2. 123I solution for injections: for non-invasive diagnostic investigations of thyroid abnormalities or dysfunction.

3. 123I capsules: for non-invasive diagnostic investigations of thyroid abnormalities or dysfunction.

4. 123I[MIBG]: a diagnostic agent for the scintigraphic assessment of neuroendocrine tumors (such as neuroblastomas and phaeochromocytomas), as well as for myocardial scintigraphy and functional imaging of malignant paragangliomas and carcinoid tumors.

5. 18F-FDG: used for glucose metabolic studies   (PET)

6. 68Ge/68Ga generator:  used for diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumours.



List of radiopharmaceuticals Table 1



67Ga-citrate injection Mondays with reference time 12:00 on Thursdays
67Ga Resin On Request – Contact Ms Vuyiseka Jackson
123I-sodium iodide solution for injection or oral administration Wednesdays with reference time 12:00
123I-m-iodobenzylguanidine (mIBG) Wednesdays with reference time 12:00
18F-FDG Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
68Ge/68Ga generator On request – contact Ms D Opperman


* Orders for 67Ga must reach us before 12:00 on Friday
* Orders for 123I must reach us before 12:00 on Monday

* Orders for 18F-FDG must reach us before 12:00 weekdays
* Late orders may be accommodated in exceptional cases

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