Medical Radiation – Particles in Radiotherapy


Physical properties of particles used in radiotherapy

Particle Charge Mass Energy for range of ~26 cm in water
e -1e 1 m0 70 MeV
p -1e 273 m0 100 MeV
N 0 1839 m0 = 1.009 u
1H(p) +1e 1836 m0 = 4 u 200 MeV
4He( a) +2e 4 u 200 MeV/u
12C +6e 12 u 380 MeV/u
12Ne +10e 20 u 525 MeV/u
40Ar +18e 40 u 730 MeV/u
BNCT 4He +1e 4 u [7 m m]
BNCT 7Li +1e 7 u [5 m m]

Comparison of different particles in terms of biological effect and physical selectivity


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