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Masters Degree in Materials Science (MATSCI)

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To offer an academic and practical course at MSc level to enable graduates, from a wide range of undergraduate science and related degrees, to enter industry and government with appropriate skills or to progress to a doctorate qualification (Ph.D).

A two year course, with lectures/practicals in the first year and research project in the second year.
Lectures at the University of Western Cape (UWC) Campus, Cape Town. Practicals and Projects at the neighbouring iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences (iThemba LABS). Written examination leading up to an honours degree.

Research Project and Dissertation at iThemba LABS (Somerset-West or Gauteng Campuses), UWC, the University of Zululand and other participating organisations (e.g. NECSA, CSIR, etc.)
M.Sc. awarded on successful presentation of Dissertation.
MatSci is a course organized as a collaboration between iThemba LABS and the Universities of Zululand and Western Cape. Candidates can register for their degrees either with Zululand or Western Cape.

MatSci is a focussed Masters program designed for entry from a wide range of related undergraduate degrees. Candidates will be accepted with first degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics and other Physical Sciences.

Postgraduates taking the MatSci course are fully funded by the NRF Scarce Skills Program and the three participating institutions.

Is available in the Residences managed by the UWC.

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