China-South Africa Joint symposium on nuclear physics

The China-South Africa Joint Symposium on Nuclear and Accelerator Physics was held at the iThala Game Reserve on 5-7 August. It was the fourth in the series of meetings, alternating every two years between China and South Africa, celebrating an ongoing and widening collaboration that had its beginning over ten years ago, between the universities of Stellenbosch and Beijing. It has been a very successful collaboration producing a number of publications in high-profile journals, the most recent featured on the cover of Physical Review Letters. Previous meetings were held at Beijing, Stellenbosch and Weihai. This meeting was co-hosted by the University of Zululand, Stellenbosch University and iThemba LABS. It was attended by 24 South African and 15 Chinese delegates. The talks covered a diverse range of topics in nuclear and accelerator physics, from the latest developments in instrumentation, detection of radiation, decay studies, cluster models, g-ray strength functions, low-spin nuclear structure and high-spin structure including chiral bands, stapler bands and umbrella bands!