Radiobiology and Dosimetry experiments

During the last weekend in March and the first weekend in April, research teams from iThemba LABS and the University of Wollongong in Australia, SCK-CEN in Belgium, and MSc students from UWC and CPUT jointly completed several Radiobiology and Dosimetry experiments using the SSC and the clinical proton beam. The main goal was to investigate out-of-field radiation dose and DNA damage in pediatric proton therapy, acute response of cancer cells, variation of relative biological effectiveness (RBE) and rise of linear energy transfer (LET) along the spread-out-Bragg peak and to conduct micro-dosimetric survey of neutron contamination in the treatment room. The results will help us to improve secondary cancer risk estimations in pediatric proton therapy and to develop biology motivated proton treatment planning.

Experimental team from SCK-CEN, University of Wollongong, UWC, CPUT and part of the participating staff of iTL